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"3 saddle ranch" - we have a saddle waiting for you!

Welcome to 3 Saddle Ranch!

We Have a Saddle waiting for you!

Ron Allen grew up in small American towns rich in the ranching and farming tradition. For most his life, Ron has owned livestock and horses, owned or managed stables. One thing has never changed though, Ron loves to ride horses.

With the establishment of 3 Saddle Ranch, Ron now offers horseback riding lessons available to the public. Whether you've never been on a horse before or you’re a seasoned rider, Ron will help you advance your skills and improve your horsemanship. At 3 Saddle Ranch, we teach basic horsemanship, horsemanship merit badges for Boy Scouts, Lessons and Equine Therapy for Persons with Disabilities, Horse Breaking/Training, and more.

At 3 Saddle Ranch, our horses are well-trained, seasoned work horses. Most are retired police animals and active members of the Marshall Canyon Mounted Assistance Unit. The high level of training and calm demeanor of our horses make them perfect for first-time, young, or disabled riders.

If have more questions or you're interested in scheduling a lesson and you live in the Los Angeles or Southern California area, give us a call at (562) 587-4170 or send us a message through our contact page.

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